Why You Need Palmer Administrative Services Ocean NJ

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If you are in the automobile industry, you need a company that will stand by you and help you overcome all the challenges you might encounter in the business world. Some of these challenges include insurance policies, repair and maintenance of the vehicles in your fleet. The best company for you is Palmer Administrative Services Ocean NJ. This firm has been in business for many years and it has many satisfied customers. Clients of this company will tell you that they get excellent service all the time. In addition, the people behind Palmer Administrative Services Ocean NJ are very reliable. They know what is good for your company and the always offer you the best deals in the industry. Below are some ways this firm can help your business.

Top Quality Insurance Policies

This firm offers some of the best auto protection plans in the industry. These plans include the Basic Plan, the Elite Plan and the Classic Plan. Other options are the Royal, Powertrain and the Premier Plan. These plans have different benefits and work to your advantage in many ways. In case you do not know the plan you should choose, the experts at Palmer Administration will recommend the plan that is just right for our business. Below are some of the features of the plans mentioned above.

The Basic Plan

This plan covers all your engine parts. Now, we all know how important the engine of your car is and this is why this plan is highly recommended. The basic plan helps you in case the unexpected happens. This plan helps you keep your vehicle on the road even if there are expensive repairs or replacement of engine parts.

The Classic Plan

This is an all-inclusive plan because it covers your engine, your drive axles, air conditioning system and your transmission. This plan also covers electrical parts, seals and gaskets.

The Premier Plan

This is a comprehensive plan that will put a smile on your face. It covers your engine, water pump, drive axles, air-conditioning system and electrical parts. This plan also covers your transfer unit, fuel system seals and gaskets. With this plan, your vehicle is fully so you and sleep well at night.

Other Plans for You

Other great plans for you are the Elite Exclusionary Plan, the Powertrain Plan and the Royal Select Plan. You cannot go wrong if you take up any of these plans because Palmer Administration Services Ocean NJ will go the extra mile to make you happy.

Why You Should Choose Palmer Administration

Palmer Administration offers the most reliable automobile protection in the industry. This firm also offers flexible payment options, customer support and easy claiming processes. The satisfied customers of Palmer Administration cannot be wrong. Take advantage of the services offered by this firm and your business will move to the next level.

Palmer Administration Services Helps Car Owners Save Money

Anyone who has owned a vehicle knows how stressful, inconvenient, and expensive unexpected vehicle repairs can be. Luckily, businesses like Palmer Administrative Services drawer 223 ocean NJ have made it their business to provide clients with service plans that protect them against the most expensive and unexpected vehicle repairs. They have a number of service plans in place to suit any vehicle and budget, and their agents are 100-percent dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. If you are in need of a flexible and affordable auto insurance plan that provides you with just the right amount of coverage, contact Palmer Administration for your free coverage plan quote today.

Palmer Administrative Services

In order to provide peace of mind to vehicle owners as much as possible, Palmer Administration has set the industry standard in extended insurance plans. Their plans are flexible and customizable to suit the individual needs of their clients, and the Palmer insurance agents have one goal in mind: customer satisfaction.

Elite Exclusionary Plan

The Elite Exclusionary plan provides coverage on all vehicle components, other than basic maintenance and normal wear on upholstery, paint, and light bulbs.

Royal Select Plan

The Royal Select plan provides the most extensive level of parts coverage. The plan covers a vehicle’s major components and is highly recommended for newer vehicles.

Premier Plan

The Premier plan is a thorough full-coverage policy. It provides ultimate peace of mind as it covers a vehicle’s components that are the most likely to be in need of costly repairs.

Classic Plan

The Classic plan is all-inclusive and provides full coverage protecting against costly repair bills. It can be customized to cover a vehicle’s common repairs and servicing needs.

Powertrain Plan

The Powertrain plan is most recommended for vehicle owners who plan to keep their vehicles on the road for a long time. The Powertrain plan provides the highest level of coverage for the most expensive vehicle repair costs.

Basic Plan

The Basic plan provides coverage on a vehicle’s most important component: the engine. This basic coverage plan is ideal for older vehicles by protecting owners against some of the most costly repair and servicing bills.

With over 30 years of experience, Palmer Administrative Services has helped set the industry standard when it comes to auto-protection plans. They have earned a reputation for honest dealings and reliability, and it is a reputation they will continue to uphold through superior customer service and flexible coverage plans. Thanks to their easy claims processing, knowledgeable and experienced customer support team, modern collection-management system, and full protection through A-rated insurance, Palmer Administration will continue to provide their clients with peace of mind at affordable and accessible prices.

For more information visit: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/02/13/1339951/0/en/Palmer-Administration-Leads-The-Extended-Warranty-Industry-With-Top-Savings.html or go to http://PalmerAdmin.com today.