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No matter where you scrape your car, you always need the vehicle registration document (registration certificate). As a rule, you do not have to worry about anything after the car has been handed over; in most cases, the disposer logs the car off.The manufacturers of the cars are obliged to accept no more roadworthy cars for scrapping. The scrapping is completely free for you. Simply contact the nearest car dealership.

However, the manufacturer does not have to accept the car if it was last registered less than a month or outside the EU, or if you have already exploited the car.Even with a change to the vehicle registration a free return is not mandatory. If your car has been tuned, the manufacturer may charge a fee for scrapping. You can have the car scrap dealer available there.

Scrap the car: make money with scrap

Dismantling and pressing costs are deducted from what can still be recovered depending on the condition (radio, rear view mirror, seats).In some cases, you can even get some money out of your old car. There are numerous providers who exploit your car and then scrape it.

  • But do not hit on dubious offers, as scrapping is only allowed to certified collection points. These are required for the environmentally sound disposal of cars, for example, liquids such as oil must be drained beforehand.
  • Depending on the condition of the car, the car’s recycler can remove and resell numerous parts such as the radio, rearview mirror, wheels and seats. From the value of the spare parts about 100 euros are deducted for scrapping. If your car is additionally picked up, you will pay an additional 100 euros.
  • If some components are still well preserved, you can have your car scrapped at a profit. In good cases, you still get 100 to 300 euros for the old car.

Scraping a car is a practical solution if you do not know what else to do with the old vehicle. However, some people also have a personal attachment to a car and do not just have it over their hearts to hand it over to the junk press. Solutions are offered here in which one simply alienates the original purpose of the car and transforms it into completely new objects.

One of the most beautiful ideas is from our point of view the planting of the car for the garden. In the meantime there are some nice examples on the internet, how such a planted old car can look like. Especially real lover’s cars and vintage cars like an old beetle are particularly suitable for this and are a real eye-catcher in any garden. If you prefer functionality rather than pure decoration, you can build a barbecue for the garden with your own manual skills from the engine compartment. It is important, however, that even in these cases, the car was properly gutted and completely shut down.

Those who like it quite unusual and unusual, can get very nice inspirations, which furniture can be made from car parts. So at least a part of the beloved vehicle remains forever.


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Depending on how much one hangs on a vehicle, there are different possibilities for car recycling. If you want to have your car scrapped at the lowest cost and safely, you should choose a professional and reliable service provider. However, if someone does not want to part with their car, there are original and creative possibilities, such as planting flowers or converting to furniture pieces.