How to become Porsche

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Buying a Porsche of any kind is not cheap.  Not to buy, not to insure, not to run and not to repair.  But owning one is the goal of many drivers who seek the combined thrill of speed and amazing engineering. The high desirability does however make it easy to sell my Porsche

Driving a Porsche is often described as become as though part of the car. As though the vehicle is driven as a part of you, rather than by you as the person behind the steering wheel.

So, let’s have a look at what different budgets might get you.

Up To £5k

When spending at this lower end of the price range, check the car carefully.  Repairs are expensive, and what can seem like a bargain can end up costing a fortune.  If you are not a great expert on checking a car, then take somebody who is.  Make sure that you have a ride in the car, including a drive, so that you can listen out for strange knocks and rattles.

But, there is more on the market than might be expected at this price.  How about a two-door convertible Porsche Boxster in great condition for the price?  Models are available from this century with under 100000 miles on the clock.

With luck, you’ll end up with a lot of car for not much money.

Up to £10k

Move up to this price and some older Cayennes come into the picture.  The large model might be less of a sports car than its smaller colleagues, but provides excellent family driving.

But if it is pure sports car you are after, and it probably is, a genuine low mileage 944 could be yours for the price.  It won’t be especially new – probably from the late eighties for a good model – but Porsches last forever, as we know.

Up to £20k

An early 2000s Porsche 911 with eighty thousand on the clock will set you back in the region of £18k.  The elegant, stylish design is instantly recognisable, and the 911 is the favourite Porsche for many aficionados.

Up to £30k

OK, we are getting into seriously serious money now.  But the choices on offer reflect this.  A 1990 928 GT, with low mileage, comes into range at this cost.  Buy one of these and your money is going to be pretty secure when you come to resell.  It will be an investment that gives both a financial return, and one in terms of driving pleasure.

If you fancy something newer, a five-year-old Boxster, with low mileage could make your dream for the mid to late £20000s