Here are Some of the Warning Signs that Say Your Brakes Need a New Replacement

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Have you ever listened to a high pitched screeching noise when you apply brakes? It is just a small metal shim which is known as indicators which emit an audible warning to you that the brake pads need to be replaced. You should be acquainted with this sound which would be long enough to be heard while the windows are closed but not that loud enough to be heard over the radio or AC. If you hear it on a regular basis, make an appointment quickly with your mechanic. Here are some of the warning signs that say that your brakes need to be replaced.

  1. Reduced responsiveness or fading

If your brakes are simply not responsive as they are supposed to be or if the pedal is sinking towards the floor, then it is a sign that your braking system is leaking. It could supposedly be an air leak in the brake hose or a brake fluid leak. One of the sure-shot signs of a brake fluid leak is the existence of a small puddle of liquid when the car is being parked. The brake fluid resembles a lot to the fresh motor oil, but with a less slimy texture.

  1. Pulling

If your vehicle pulls towards one side while you are braking, then it is a sign that the brake linings are unevenly wearing or there is a presence of a foreign matter in the brake fluid. Your vehicle may also require a brake adjustment or to subject the fluid from draining and replacing.

  1. Grinding or growling

This loud metallic noise means that you have worn down the pads totally, most likely beyond replacing it. The grinding or growling sound is made by the two metal pieces rubbing together. This can score or scratch your car rotors which creates an uneven surface. If this takes place, do not be surprised if your mechanic informs you that your rotors will need to be turned which is a process that evens out the surface of the rotor, or even needs replacement.

  1. Vibration

A vibration or a pulsating brake pedal is a normal symptom of warped rotors. This is another indication that your vehicle is out of alignment. This vibration is quite similar to the feedback in the brake pedal in between a panic stop in a vehicle which is equipped with anti-lock brakes.

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