Car modifications that will help you sell your car

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Car mods are a quality way to improving the handling and driving experience of your car, without spending thousands on buying the next model up. We spend, on average, 37,000 hours in our car during our life, and mods can help enhance that experience. It’s no wonder the aftermarket modifications industry is growing, but what happens when you want to sell your car? Some car upgrades and good mods can help to increase the value of your vehicle and prove a worthy investment – particularly temporary mods that can be moved to different vehicles.

Bluespark Automotive – leading manufacturers of petrol and diesel tuning boxes – are sharing their advice on modifying your car.


When it comes to mods, audio is a great place to start and one that just might help you sell your car. A good audio system – especially clear and high-quality speakers – can massively up the value of your vehicle. We’re not talking about giant subwoofers in the back but premium audio.

Most people use their car to take calls – whether business or personal – and updating the audio can substantially boost their driving experience. Add to that, the sound quality for music is enhanced, and you’ve got a selling point for your car.

Air filters

If you want to add some quick and cheap mods to your car, take a look at your air filters. A clogged air filter can impact how you drive as it affects the air intake to your engine, reducing the power and the car’s actual capabilities. However, you can upgrade the air filter yourself in a matter of minutes using online guides.

An air filter, alone, is not the only mod you can do to improve the air flow to your vehicle. If you need to do more, you can upgrade the air intake system with kits that offer a direct air intake flow to massively increase power. Again, these kits can be found online and are relatively cheap.

All-weather tyres

If there’s one mod that can vastly increase value, it’s decent tyres. All weather tyres are brilliant for when you are selling your car – especially as they are still a novel concept in the UK, but rapidly growing in popularity. While they are most suited to areas facing severe weather conditions, they can enhance your driving experience as they can cut it in, literally, all weathers.

These tyres can handle the coldest winters and wet weather, as well as cut through summer. The right tyres can also improve handling, driving experience and even fuel economy, so this is one of the mods that are worthy of your investment.

GPS tracking

Today, car thieves are becoming more sophisticated and you need to increase security. With that in mind, a GPS tracker is a popular car mod, with some even able to record the car’s full history and work for a long period of time without charging. Some trackers also come with an app that alerts you to any disturbances or movements with the vehicle. If you are looking to sell your car and increase the value, this is one mod we would recommend.

Temporary car mods

Temporary car mods offer you that flexibility when selling your car – especially if they can be moved to other vehicles. One example is a tuning box, which alters the signal between the ECU and the fuel cylinders, encouraging the ECU to inject more fuel. It’s well known that manufactures do not, generally, tune their cars to its full capabilities, particularly if sportier models are to be released.

Tuning boxes, however, offer you that power and overall performance. With more fuel, you’ve got more power and torque, as well as better throttle response. Tuning boxes can even save money on fuel with the need for less revs. Plus, tuning boxes can be removed from your car without any trace, and tailored specifically to your next vehicle.