Ask These Five Questions Before Hiring An Auto Glass Service In Alpharetta!

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As a vehicle owner, you will need the number of an auto-glass repair and replacement service at some point. There are a bunch of services in Alpharetta and Northeast Atlanta, but selecting one is always overwhelming. In this post, we have a list of five questions that must be asked before opting for a service.

  1. Are you licensed? How long have you been in business?

No matter whether you have a fleet of commercial vehicles or are a regular car owner, you need a company worth relying on. Don’t be surprised to know that many services in Alpharetta don’t even have a physical address. As such, disputes never reach anywhere, if initiated at all. Make sure that you find a company that’s licensed and experience. Some services have been in business for more than 20 years in Northeast Atlanta, and these are worth your time. You can visit our website for more.

  1. Do you have trained professionals?

Windshield repair and replacement is a specific task, and it is important to have trained, experienced professionals and technicians for such jobs. Ask the company if their workers and repairmen are certified and trained. Some adhesive manufacturers require technicians to get certified for certain products. The adhesive is what holds the windshield in place and often needs to be used at a certain temperature.

  1. Will you offer a free estimate?

Regardless of repairs, replacement of other tasks, a professional service is expected to offer an estimate for the job. This is particularly important because there are cases in where customers have been duped with hidden charges and costs that were not a part of the initial discussion. The estimate should be mentioned in advance and on paper.

  1. Will you offer references?

A company that has been working in Alpharetta for more than five years will have references to offer. You can also check their website for testimonials or simply check on Google to find reviews from local people. Good reviews and positive feedback are signs of great service, while you can also call up a few references.

  1. Do you offer mobile services?

Auto glass repair jobs, especially chips and cracks, can be repaired on the spot. Check for services that have mobile services in Alpharetta, so that you don’t have to drive with a damaged windshield, especially when replacement isn’t an immediate concern.

Check online for options and find the best one in Alpharetta now!