6 Steps To Buying A Quality Used Car

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Looking for used cars for sale? The process can feel overwhelming. Before you start visiting used car dealerships in Rochester, check out these steps for purchasing a used car.

1) Set Your Budget- Figure out how much you can realistically pay for your car. Remember to consider whether you’re going to pay up front or finance, how much of a down payment you’re able to make, and whether you’ll be trading in your current vehicle.

2) Choose A Car That Makes Sense For You- Consider your family size, gas mileage, style preferences, car reliability, whether mechanics in your area service the type of car you’re looking at, and how much maintenance the car you’re interested in requires.

3) Check Vehicle History– Once you’ve decided on a few makes/models you’re interested in, it’s time to do walk-throughs of car lots, check local papers, and look online to see where your dream cars are available.

4) Take A Test Drive- After you’ve found some cars that might be a good fit, meet with the owner or salesperson and get out for a test drive.

5) Negotiate- Remember, the price that you’re originally quoted is not the price you want to pay. Work with the seller to get to a price that fits your budget.

6) Close The Deal- It’s time to celebrate- all of your hard work has paid off! When closing a car sale, it’s a good idea to take a trusted friend or family member with you to help you read over the contract and make sure you haven’t missed any key details. Congratulations- enjoy your ride home in your new-to-you car!